Brews n' Bites

Apr 18 2012 - 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Gravity Brewbar is once again honored by the invitation to a very noteworthy event: "Brews n' Bites"! This event kicks off the world-famous United Way Miami Wine & Food Festival.
We will be serving some very exclusive creations for our fans and guests to pair with the extraordinary local, craft cuisine that will also be on hand. "What are some of these fine libations", you ask? Take a gander:
Best In Show: An ode to every hipster's favorite go-to can: PBR! Only we kicked the recipe up a bit with a special saison yeast strain and hops out the wazoo.
Mint Berliner Weiss: The refreshing tartness of a traditional German Berliner wheat beer with the added aroma of fresh cut mint.
Sunny Crockett: Saison with Passion Fruit and guava: When you're in a loafers-with-no-sox type of mood, reach for our mildly tart, refreshing Belgian style saison. This one was brewed with locally grown guava and passion fruit . . . just to give your sport coat that "pastel color" feel
Double Dream Hands: Our saison brewed with oranges and ginger. Drink some and you'll feel like going viral on a well choreographed Youtube video.
MameyPA: our award winning wheat pale ale, amped up with ripe, fresh mamey. Straight from the Redlands
Bananas Foster Porter
Dubbel Truble: our traditional Belgian Dubbel
Dubbel Trouble with Black Sapote: This is our dubbel infused with ripe, black sapote. Yup, its pretty good.
Whiskey Barrel Aged Dubbel Trouble with Black Sapote: 'Nuff Said.