About Gravity Brew Lab

Gravity Brew Lab - Miami Craft Beer

The brainchild of owner Diego Ganoza, Gravity Brew Lab is designed to be the answer to the question Miami has been asking for the past several years: "why can't we have creative, top quality, locally made craft beer; like most other metropolitan cities in the U.S.?"
Originally, the concept was to open a really cool beer bar, bringing beer from around the United States and Belgium and making it available for the local enthusiasts to enjoy. However, we soon realized we were somewhat limited and constrained by which beers were actually available in the Miami market -due to distribution and other factors. And since we're all about unfettered drinking and out of the box thinking, the concept soon changed to: "let's brew our own!". This way we would be free to experiment with both well known and more obscure styles and experiment with flavor profiles and combinations. The possibilities, which once looked constrained, now appeared limitless.
Enter Robert Tejon and Seth Hammond! After meeting and networking within Miami's local brewer community for the better part of a year, Diego met Robert and Seth. They decided to start making some test batches, which eventually led to making one-off pilot batches for nationally-renowned events (please see our "events" section). As momentum gathered, we realized that there was great potential in this concept and decided that the brewpub was definitely the way we wanted to go.
As Gravity Brew Lab, our mission is to bring you uncompromising, top quality beer. Our true purpose, though, is to give you a new experience every time you sit at one of our tables and ask for a glass of beer.

Gravity Brew Lab

The "Head Honcho"

Diego Ganoza

Diego is a self-described beer geek and all around brew-thusiast. His love of the finer things in brew developed when he discovered (in his college days) that all beer did not necessarily have to be fizzy, yellow, insipid liquid. This came with the discovery of German, Danish and other European styles of brewing. Years later, with the renaissance of American Craft, Diego realized just how malleable and inventive beer could be. How one could transform recipes and make them into something that can inspire, capture a moment or galvanize a group of people. All this and still utilize local resources and using local flavor palates to guide you. With this realization, Diego grew from being someone who enjoyed good beer, to someone who was clinically obsessed with beer. The hobby grew into a love of the craft. He learned (and continues to do so) all he could and eventually amassed one of the largest cellars in the East Coast of the US.
Around 2010, however, Diego asked himself the question that haunts some of the very passionate beer lovers: "Hey! I can open up my own place, can't I? I can just brew this stuff myself!" Well, long-story-short, he took classes at FIU under their brewing sciences program and studied several books on the subject and came to the conclusions that: a) there are already very talented people who can do it. and b) its a lot less fuss and a lot quicker to get them to do it. Thus, from inspiration, perspiration and some procrastination Diego began work on putting together the concept of Gravity Brew Lab: It would have to be locally focused, brewed by locals, using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. It would have a commitment to producing beer of the very best quality and above all, it would reflect the creativity, artistry and soul of the city that inspires all of us as well as people all over the world. Tall order, yes. But Diego as well as everyone involved in this project is involved in it because that is what they crave. We hope to live up to your expectations . . . and then blow them away.

Our Brewers

Robert Tejon

A born and raised Miami-native with a deep-seeded passion: to brew things no one ever thought possible. From the humble beginnings of a homebrewer, Robert quickly grew in his craft. He absorbed techniques quickly, and by his fourth batch he had already brewed an all grain India Pale Ale. Five years later this same passion remains fresh and fervent; moving into the exploration of lesser know styles like lambics and grodziskies, yet also fine-tuning his technique for the more traditional styles as well. Robert founded the Misfit Home-brewers homebrew club, which has become a fast growing and well received group at many beer festivals. Their Porter was voted Best Florida Beer at the New Times Beer Festival in 2011. From Three year old lambics to Berliner's and "Brett" I.P.A.'s, Robert believes the sky truly is the limit when it comes to brewing. The next step is to have you enjoy the fruits of his hard work and dedication.

Seth Hammond

Seth began his “fermenting career” as a winemaker doing viticulture and enology research for the University of Maryland. He learned the basics of sanitization, yeast propagation, fermentation, blending, and bottling. During this time, his wife requested that he brew a batch of beer for her birthday. Seth found that he really enjoyed the brewing process, and the creativity it afforded him (using a wide variety of fruit, wild yeast, and various wood/barrel aging methods). His greatest reward though, is creating beers that other people love drinking. Seth enjoys brewing and drinking most beer styles, but his favorite styles to brew and drink are sour/wild ales.